Carp fishing bite alarm set

Bluetooth Wireless Bite Alarm for Carp Fishing

New Direction released Bluetooth carp fishing alarm set at 2015


The world is expanding rapidly through the use of technology, almost all of our lives are being controlled by technology in some way. The new alarm set from New Direction has brought about great advancements in the market.

It is in the light of these facts that after rigorous testing, New Direction electronics Co. LTD decided to launch their newly developed system to their clients.

Established in 2009, New Direction Electronics Co. LTD’s mission has been to design high quality, functional wireless carp fishing alarm sets of the best quality. In six years of its existence, New Direction Electronics Co. LTD has listened to the voices of its customers, identified their requirements and preferences and produced the K9. With the K9 and our vision of becoming the most popular brand for customers, New Direction Electronics Co. LTD is on the right track.

The New Direction’s different wireless alarm sets come with many new functions. There is the remote control mode for alarm set. This remote-controlled mode makes it very convenient to operate the bite alarm. It is also very easy to control the remote functions of the bite alarms such as tone, sensitivity and night light. There is also the full-featured APP on mobile phones. After downloading the application; the users will get the opportunity to synchronize the operation of wireless alarm sets with the mobile handsets. At this point, everything will just be a tap or click away.

The New Direction’s different wireless alarm sets also come fitted with modular, illuminating snag bars. These are two illuminating snag bars on the sides of each bite alarm. They help in lighting the area where the alarm is placed. They can also be split and used separately.

The world is now very cautious on the energy consumption of electronic gadgets. Almost everybody is conscious about energy preservation and conservation. The New Direction is not left behind in this noble cause. Our different wireless alarm sets are designed for low-power consumption. All the alarms the bite alarm, receiver & Anti-theft alarm all can work in the low-power mode.

This low-power mode, combined with low-power mode of the wireless alarm sets, ensure the alarms are powered for as long periods as possible. This is a further gain for our esteemed clients.

The first worry to someone who purchases wireless alarm set that is the possibility of being damaged by rain water. For this reason, New Direction has developed waterproof wireless alarm sets. All its parts, including the body, its battery compartment and each dial are individually sealed. Parts which are displaying the water tested sticker have been stringently tested before leaving the factory. Generally, water need not be a worry for anybody who purchases New Direction Electronics Co. LTD’s waterproof wireless alarm sets.

New Direction Electronics-manufactured alarms to give their clients the fuction of dial-controlling the volume & sensitivity. With our wireless alarm sets, it is easy to set up the volume and sensitivity by yourself because of the designing of Rotary Code Switch. For those clients who like their volume low, medium or those who love their volumes high, the New Direction’s waterproof wireless alarm sets will suit everyone. This further emphasizes New Direction’s policy of respecting the clients’ requirements and preferences.

With wireless alarm sets, the client is further given the power of control by the 30-second-mode mute that is fitted in them. The clients can use the mute mode when they adjust their line within the alarm. The alarm will then revert back to original state after 30 seconds. The New Direction’s wireless alarm sets, the clients need not worry about lighting. The alarms’ halo effect for night light will take care of this. This halo effect will happen automatically once darkness falls, the clients need not walk around adjusting the alarm systems. The New Direction’s wireless alarm sets also work in conjunction with our Anti-Theft Alarm. The New Direction’s wireless alarm sets give you maximum protection and a real sense of security with infrared proximity alarms when used. Just try any of our amazing products, you won’t be disappointed.