Carp fishing bite alarm set
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Unique Remote control System

Many anglers complain the setting of a bite alarm is too complicated. We have been working with anglers to make an advanced yet practical bite alarm set. Now K9/R9 set includes the REMOTE CONTROL function making is easy to control the functions of the K9 ,such as volume, tone, sensitivity & night light, whilst you stay within the bivvy.

How does Remote control System work?

The K9 can use two modes, Normal Mode and Remote Control mode. When K9 works under the normal mode, it consumes very little power. In remote control mode, this is increased.

Battery Model
Remote control mode
Normal mode
K9(bite alarm)
2*ER14250 or 2*CR2
300 Hours
60,000 Hours

You can turn ON/OFF the remote control mode by yourself. When the Remote control is opened, you can control K9 on the R9(mini receiver).